• About us

    Venture capital fund Mariniero Ventures was incorporated in 2014 in order to make financial investments into innovative, economically efficient and easily-scaled business projects. We prefer new promising trends in financial and technical fields and internet-startup, yet we do not reject promising project ideas in other sectors.


    Since foundation, Mariniero Ventures has financed a number of business projects for the total value of over 5 mil. USD, including a logistics company, social dating service and geo-locational interaction AGA, financial company and payment service Uplata.

  • Our mission

    We aim to support and develop promising and economy-relevant projects, which are connected with innovations. We invest into commercially effective projects, which facilitate IT connectivity and growth of financial awareness, education and living standards.



We cooperate with the most powerful worldwide projects, which aim and are capable to become innovative and technological leaders.
The aim of the Fund is to close down gaps, which exist in the ecosystem of businesses and startup projects due to the following fundamental factors:
- Innovative technologies, developed on the local and global markets with unsatisfied demand;
- Successful western business-models and poorly satisfied demand on the local market.


We understand that the future is in Internet and IT projects, and that’s why we look up to:
- Software and Mobile Development (incl. cloud-technologies, SaaS, CRM)
- Gamification and game applications (incl. in social media)
- Payment systems and products;
- Projects integrated into social media;
- Other projects, connected with online-technologies and IT.


First of all we consider projects, which:
- are at the initial or prototype stage;
- internationally oriented;
- operate in В2В/В2С sectors of internet-services;
have an accepted product or business concept.